During my 2 years at Visual Impact I ran sound training events for the BBC Natural History Unit, as well as other local production companies, explaining key concepts for gathering good sound on set.  This involved training in the use of modern recorders, as well as hands on training with timecode and good radio mic placement.

Recently i’ve been hired by the University of the West of England as an instructor.  I’ve taught sound recording for TV and film as well as audio editing.  I aim to make my lessons challenging and enjoyable.


Sound Kit

Sound Devices Recorder Mixer
2 High-range pro radio mics (more available at short notice)
Betso timecode boxes
Sennheiser Boom mic
Hand held reporter mics
Other mics available (see 'Music Recording' .)
Wireless sound and IEM (in ear monitoring) available on request

Contact Info

+44 7815 831 787