Music Recording

Mobile Music Sound Recordist

I have a mobile recording rig, based around a Yamaha 16 input interface and Macbook running Pro Tools. I’ve used it to record local bands and promotional material for theatre productions.

Waldo’s Gift Recording session

This year I recorded a few tracks for local jazz band and improv heroes, Waldo’s Gift.  They’re amazing musicians.  Be sure to check them out at their residency at the Gallimaufry in Bristol if you’re in town.


Evil Usses Recording session

In Jan 2015 I was given the opportunity to work with local band, ‘The Evil Usses’.  We recorded a number of tracks using my recording rig.  The tracks that I recorded were mixed by Deerhoof guitarist/producer, This one didn’t make it to their album on Stolen Body Records but the video is online here:

Sound Kit

Sound Devices Recorder Mixer
2 High-range pro radio mics (more available at short notice)
Betso timecode boxes
Sennheiser Boom mic
Hand held reporter mics
Other mics available (see 'Music Recording' .)
Wireless sound and IEM (in ear monitoring) available on request

Contact Info

+44 7815 831 787